Petroconsult Canada & Associates ‘PCA’ is a company with highly skilled team of associates,


specializing in oil and gas consulting. PCA company strength stems from:

  • The wide and diverse knowhow capabilities in Petroleum exploration, Field Development, and related


  • The company with its associate’s specializations, expertise and their origination from various provinces within the geography of the entire Iraq. The company structure forms a high standard of consultancy authentications with full manipulation of the challenges born from the variant religion, ethnicity and sectarianism constraints.


Experts have years of experience ranging between 35-45 years:

Specializations Years Number Location
Petroleum Reservoir Engineering 42-45 4 Canada, Baghdad, Amman
Petroleum Engineering 40-45 4 Baghdad , Erbil , Germany
Electrical Engineering 43-44 2 Baghdad, Kirkuk & Erbil
E&P Geology 40-42 2 Erbil, Abu Dhabi
Chemical Engineering 40-45 3 Canada, Baghdad
Geophysics 38 1 Baghdad
Civil Engineering 38 1 Amman
Mechanical Engineering 38 1 Baghdad
Architect 15 1 Abu Dhabi
Construction & Electricals 16 1




The following services are offered to:


A: E&P IOC’s currently operating in Iraq B: E&P IOC’s operating in Kurdistan Region of Iraq ‘KRI’
• Contract implementation

• Problems with the local community (Employment,   Security, etc)

• Oil reservoir monitoring

• Disposal of produced formation water

• Drilling or Well Service. Drilling Cost Optimization

• Custody transfer metering at production sites,  Depots and export terminals

• Associated gas utilization and investment opportunities

• Enhancement of Managerial skills of Joint Management or Joint Operating Committees

• Material & Equipment supply through bidding contracts


D: Well Service companies

1-Business plans including forecast of five years size of work, logistics and catering

2- Contracting advise including cost estimate

• Discovery Evaluation, technical & economic

• Expanding Early Production Facilities EPF

• Reserve Estimate and expected PPR

• Management, Technical or Economical,

• Reservoir Monitoring

• Advice on 4D Seismic & Micro Seismic Applications

• Drilling indices and Drilling Cost  Optimization

• Enhancing Managerial skills


C: Prospective IOCs entering Iraq

1- Investment challenges and capital security, availability of local resources, center of decision at the MoO and government levels, and the independent assessment of the political aspect

2- Coordination with the Authorities

3-Local laws and Company registration or representation in federal Iraq and KRI

4- Contracting


  1. Akram Al-Azawi

    I have a company headquartered in Austria, offering integrated reservoir studies (3d simulation models), field development planning, production optimization and project management. I was a technical advisor at the Iraq Ministry of Oil to 2001. We can cooperate in aspects of reservoir simulation studies for the Iraqi oil and gas reservoirs.


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