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Mdm. Salam Smesim Ph.D

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Curriculum Vitae

Mdm. Salam Smesim Ph.D

Personal Information:


Surname: Smeasim
First Names: Salam Abdul-Karim Mahdi
Place & Date of Birth: Baghdad 1959
Matrial Status: Married, 3 children
Sex: Female
Degree Ph.D. in  Economics
Position: Economics Advisor
Address: Iraq, Baghdad, P.O. Box. 60312.


Scientific Degrees:


  • D. Economics, College of Administration and Economics (2006). Thesis Title: The general equilibrium between western and Islamic views
  • D. Economics, Arab Institute for Higher Studies (1999). Thesis Title: Fiscal Policy in Islamic Economic Thought
  • MA International Economics, Arabic Studies Institute (1988). Thesis Title: External Debts and the disarray in the balance of payment, Field Study; Egypt, Sudan and Morocco
  • High Diploma, International Economics, Arabic Studies Institute (1987), Dissertation Title: External Debts in Egypt, Sudan and Morocco.
    • Sc. Economics, Department of Economics, College of Administration & Economics, University of Baghdad, Iraq. (1981)


Professional experience:

  • Gender & Vulnerable population Specialist in Taqadum USAID since September 2012 till now
  • Economic Advisor for State Ministry for Governorates Affairs Since 2011.
  • Visiting Researcher in RHSC-H.E Amman 2009-2010
  • Economic Advisor State Ministry for Civil Society 2008-2011
  • Program Office/ United Nation University-International Leadership Institute (UNU- ILI) 2008-2009
  • Short term consultant, World Bank, 2006
  • Responsible for Economic page in (Al-Adalla) newspaper, 2004-2005
  • Economic Expert and responsible for (Micro-financed projects) financed by UNDP from 1/9/2001 until 1/3/2002
  • Lecturer of Statistics in Al-Mustansiriyha University 1995-1996
  • Assistant lecturer, College of Administration and economics (Founder member), University of Kufa (1991-1994)
  • Assistant Lecturer (and Director of Management affairs), College of Arts, University of Kufa (1990-1991)
  • Lecturer at Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research, 1994.
  • Assistant Lecturer (and Director of Management affairs), College of Jurisprudence, University of Kufa (1989-1990)
  • Teacher, Economics subject in Commercial Secondary Schools (1982-1989)


  • Specialist of Gender & Vulnerable Population in “Governance strengthens program- Taqadum/ USAID”, since September 2012- till present.
  • Commissioner in Iraqi securities commission ISC., 2011-2012
  • Fellow Professor in Al-Zaytonah University_ College of Economics- Department of Financial and Banking sciences, Amman- Jordan, 2009
  • Member in Preparing Committee of Iraqi Economists Society, 2003-present
  • Founder Member College of Administration and Economics University of Kufa (1991-1994)

 Published Research papers:

  • Investment at Iraq: Looking to the future.( Arab Asian Financial Forum Jakarta Indonesia 5-6 June 2008
  • Entrepreneurs Theoretical View (Entrepreneurship conference and Training course UNU/ ILI Amman- Jordan 20- 24 June 2008)
  • The Dialogue between Women: Development & Gender, Ministry of state of woman affairs, July 2006.
  • The role of Al-Zakat in stimulating investment, Afak-Aktisadia, Union of Commerce and Industries Chambers, UAE (2003).
  • Finance Globalization and Arabic-Islamic Investments, Islam and Globalization Conference, Baghdad, Nov. 2002.
  • The role of State, Arabic Scientific Research Association Conference, 3/4/2002.
  • Islamic Understanding to Social Security Networks, Social Studies, Bait Al-Hikma – No. 12, (2001).
  • Arabic living Challenges and the 21st Century, Philosophical Studies, Bait Al-Hikma – Special issue (2001).
  • Economics with Israel and its effect on Arabic personality, social studies, Bait Al-Hikma – Special issue (2001).
  • New Understanding of working woman’s production, general Union of Iraqi Women J., No. 4 (2001).
  • Iraqi Woman: The Political Role, UNU/ ILI, not Published yet.
  • Social –and its role in developing structures (from Islamic point of view), Social Studies, Bait Al-Hikma – Special issue (2000).
  • Expenses & in Abbased Bait Al-Hikma Era, Economics Studies, and Bait Al-Hikma – Special issue (2000).
  • Budget Deficit, Al-Rashid Bank Journal, No. 1, 1989.
  • In addition to more than 40 articles published in various newspapers and magazines.

Participating in trainings & Workshops:

As trainer/ Lecturer/ Coordinator:

  • Lecturer on line per Islamic Macroeconomic Theory, according to the agreement with SRF Program (Scholar Rescue Fund),   2009
  • Coordinator at a Workshop to establish (Independent Commission for Human Rights at Iraq) in Belfast, Vienna and Jordan 2006-2008
  • The Third Arabic Asian Financial Summit 5-6 June 2008, Jakarta- Indonesia. (Training- lecturer)
  • Third OPEC summit (Leaders of Thought), Saudi Arabia, 9-18/11/2007 (Panelist)

 As trainee/ Participant:

  • I have my own Radio and TV show yearly during the month of Ramadan which consists of 10 minutes talk about different Islamic Economic themes since 2005-2006
  • Building Iraq Future, Professional development and SENSE workshop, USIP, Amman, June 2005.
  • International visitor program, State Department, July 2005 Women.
  • Merger of Gender analysis in Iraqi Development Planning, UNIFEM, November 2004.
  • Volunteer reporter for Danish Radio during Third Gulf war 2003


  • Economics Advisor, Ministry of State of Woman Affairs (July 2004- 2008
  • President of Department of Women, Al-Nuhouth Al-Fikri Society, 2004-present.
  • Al-Nuhouth Al-Fikri Society 2003 till now
  • Member in the Islamic Economics Encyclopedia / Bait Al-Hikma 2000 till present
  • Iraqi Translation Association 1997 till present
  • Arabic Historians Union 1995 till present
  • Iraqi Universities Graduates Association



 Arabic mother tongue

English fluent in writing, reading and speaking

 Computer skills:

  • Microsoft office (word, excel)
  • Power point  

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