Our Vision

We are a non-commercial Network of politically independent Iraqi Economists in and outside Iraq established in 2009. We aim at contributing to rebuilding the Iraqi economy and  establishing a strong foundation for sustainable economic and social development, in order to achieve economic prosperity and justice for all Iraqi people beyond any political differences between the political parties and social groups. Our vision is the building of specialized economic think tanks which will contribute to formulating a sound economic policy and fostering the process of institution building.

Our Mission

The Iraqi Economists Network (IEN) is a national network dedicated to promoting high quality economic research by Iraqi researchers at all national universities and research institutions, particularly to providing support to junior economists. We are dedicated to identifying and analysing solutions proposed for the prevailing problems of the Iraqi economy. We are committed to disseminating deep economic understanding among the political class and decision makers as well as increasing awareness for scientifically based economic strategy and policy targeting the interests of Iraqi people.

Our Objectives

IEN’s core objectives are to build strong research capacity in Iraq and establishing a strong lobby of Iraqi economists influencing the preparation and formulation of economic strategies and the process of making economic policy measures. We are also aiming at establishing a national politically independent think tank specialized in economic research and advising the Iraqi Government in terms of formulating and correcting strategies, programmes and policies.

Our Activities

To achieve our objectives, IEN has during the last ten years established a worldwide network of Iraqi economists from different fields of specialisation, who have produced more than one thousand research papers published on our website. In March/April 2013 we have organized our first symposium in Beirut and we are planning to held further symposia, seminars and workshops for Iraqi researchers. We also have been providing economic advice to some high-ranking government officials and maintaining communication channels with major government advisors and international organisations active in development cooperation in Iraq. One important activity is the promotion of junior Iraqi economists and researchers. We have been providing assistance to many postgraduate Iraqi students in and outside Iraq and are working on intensifying this activity.