Iraq’s Elections: Red Flags and Opportunities for Inclusion. By Bilal Wahab

Iraqi Economists Network

A closer look at the local security changes, turnout obstacles, sectarian divisions, and other factors that could determine the shape of Iraq’s next government. Iraqis head to the polls on May 12 to elect a new parliament, after which legislators will choose a speaker, president, and prime minister. The elections come at the end of four tough years for Iraq, with the Islamic

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Iraq’s Rule of Law. By Luay Al-Khateeb and Omar Al-Saadoon

Iraq's rule of law Introduction The underlying concept of the Rule of Law is not new to Iraq. Hammurabi's world famous Code of Law which dates back to 1772 BC is regarded as one of the world's first codified constitution with the remarkable feature of laws taking primacy over the authority of the ruler. Back to the present, Iraq ratified a new Constitution in 200

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