Iraq’s Oil Industry Rocked By Two New Corruption Scandals. By Simon Watkins

Barely a month goes by without yet another corruption scandal emerging or developing in Iraq. Whether it be the Barzanis’ industrial-scale corruption in the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan or the endemic multi-level corruption in the south it is little wonder that Iraq ranks as one of the very worst countries in the world for bribery and corruption. The

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Economic growth, abrupt institutional changes and institutional policies: The case of an oil-exporting country. By OMAR A.M. EL-JOUMAYLE *

ABSTRACT This article deals with economic growth in Iraq when formal institutions are subject to abrupt institutional change. The article follows a quantitative mode of enquiry to determine the impacts of institutional changes on economic performance. I built an expanded and updated version of Rowat’s model for the Iraq war of 2003. Thus, I estimate the effects of oil price,

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The ‘Construction Council’ Bill 2019 – A Critique. By Dr Amer K. Hirmis*


The nearly year-old cabinet of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the prime minister, has, in its regular weekly meeting on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, “approved the draft ‘Construction Council’ Bill [Miswadat Qānūn ‘Majlis al-I’mār’ - 2019] and forwarded it to the Council of Representatives”- the Iraqi Parliament for approval (

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