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Misbah G A Kamal, Senior Insurance Expert


Retired as senior research consultant from United Insurance Brokers Ltd (UIB) in June 2016.

Holds a BA (Hons) in Political Theory and Government, University of Wales, Swansea (1967) and M.Sc. in Administrative Sciences, City University Business School, London (1978).

Commenced his insurance career with the National Insurance Company, Baghdad (1968-1977).

Trained at the Swiss Insurance Training Centre (renamed later as the Insurance Academy), Zurich (1972).

Worked for Marsh and McLennan Middle East Ltd (1978-1986), dissolved following a management buyout.

Joined United Insurance Brokers Ltd (UIB), London (1987).

UIB board member (1987-1998).

UIB Holdings UK Ltd board member (1998-2010).

Expertise covers various insurance branches including engineering and construction, property all risks and energy risks insurance.

Involved in co-ordination and analysis of insurance programmes, consultancy for international clients and training of clients’ staff.

Proficient in Arabic and English.

Founder and moderator of the Iraq Insurance Review and Iraq Insurance Monitor blogs.

Contributed to insurance seminars in the Arab world and published papers in Arab insurance journals.  Co-operated with Tayseer Treky in translation of books to Arabic:

Introduction to Risk Management (1990)

General Takaful Practice (2009)

Insurance and Islamic Law (2011)

Regulation and Intervention in the Insurance Industry: Fundamental Issues (2014)

Addressing the Challenges of Global Aging: Funding Issues and Insurance Solutions (2015)

The Economics of Insurance: How Insurers Create Value for Shareholders (2015)

Risk and Insurance in Construction (2018).

Published scores of papers in Arab insurance journals and a few websites.

Edited Studies on the Iraqi Economy for the Iraqi Economic Forum, London (2002).  The book included his study “Insurance in Iraq and UN Sanctions.”

The National Insurance Company, Baghdad, published two of his books:

Papers on the History of Insurance in Iraq: selective perspectives (2012).

The Insurance Business Regulation Law of 2005: assessment and critical studies (2014).

Other published books include The Institute of Insurance: historical and critical studies (Beirut: Muntada Al-Maref, 2015)

Founded the Iraq Insurance Library, an electronic library, and published books for insurance practitioners in Iraq:

Jabbar Abdul Khaliq Al-Khazraji, Sadoun Al Rubaiy, Fouad Shamkar, Mohammed Al-Kubaisy, Misbah Kamal, Munem Al-Khafaji, A Contribution to the Critiques of the Insurance Business Law of 2005.  Edited by Misbah Kamal (2013).

Marwan Hashim Al-Kassab, Essays on Insurance and Reinsurance in Iraq, edited by Misbah Kamal (1st ed. 2011, 2nd ed. 2014)

Munther Abass Al-Aswad, Legal Papers and Researches (2013).

Fouad Shamkar, Insurance in Iraqi Kurdistan and Other Essays (2014).

Misbah Kamal, Insurance in Iraqi Kurdistan: critical studies (2014).

Misbah Kamal, Ministry of Oil and Insurance: critical notes (2014).

Sadoun Al-Rubaiy, Private Insurance Companies and Iraq’s Insurance Sector (2014).

Munem Al-Khafaji, Introduction to the Study of Insurance (2014).

Munem Al-Khafaji, The Standard Fire Policy and the Standard Arab Fire Policy: a comparative study (2014).

Munem Al-Khafaji, Loss of Profit Insurance: a brief presentation (2014).

Misbah Kamal, Insurance in Iraqi Economic Writings (2014).

Misbah Kamal, Papers on the History of Insurance in Iraq: selective perspectives, revised edition (2014).

Misbah Kamal, Insurance in Government and Non-Government Thinking, 2003-2015 (2015).

On Remembering Dr Salim Al-Wardi, 1942-2015, compiled and edited by Misbah Kamal (2016).

Bakir Al-Munshi, Insurance Papers and Reflections (2016).

Salim Al-Wardi, Risk Management and Insurance (2016).

Salim Al-Wardi, Essays on Insurance, edited and introduced by Eiman Abdulla Shia (2016).

Misbah Kamal, Iraqi Parties and Insurance: a preliminary reading in the presence and absence of insurance: the Iraqi Communist Party as a model (2016).

Salim Al-Wardi, translator and editor, Insurance Marketing (1st paper print 2002, e-edition 2016).

Dan Skwire, In-Between Literature and Insurance, compiled, translated and edited by Misbah Kamal (2017).

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