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IEN sponsors and actively participate on the 4th.Conferance of the International Association of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, 5th. to 7th.November 2015 in Cairo

The State of Iraq and Iraqi Studies since Regime Change is the main theme of this multi-disciplinary academic conference, which will examine, analyze and evaluate the state of Iraq and Iraqi studies at the contemporary historical moment.  Participants shall present scholarly research on current conditions within and around the academic study of Iraq, focusing on areas as diverse as political science, economics, history, sociology, anthropology, education, film/media/communications and cultural studies, and lending particular attention to issues of critical concern, both social and disciplinary, which have developed in the wake of the most recent foreign interventions into, and bombing campaigns against, Iraq, while also fostering a broad appreciation of aspects of Iraqi history and culture whose legacy long predates the devastating upheaval and violence of the past twenty years.

The Iraqi Economists Network is responsible for planning, organization and chairing the following Panel:

Panel Session 3 ~ Iraq’s Domestic Economy (02:30 p.m. – 04:30 p.m.)

Chair: Barik Schuber, Iraqi Economists Network (IEN)


Mahmoud M. Daghir, Baghdad University : Iraqi Monetary Policy: From Aggregates to Interest Rates after 2004

Amer Hassan Fayyadh, Al Nahrain University : Cold Vision in the Hot Iraqi Questions

Mohaned Talib El-Hamdi, Kansas State University : Military Expenditure and Economic Growth: The Case of Iraq after the Regime Change

Abed Ali Kadem al-Mamore, Hammurabi Center for Strategic Studies: The Crisis of Political and Economic Transformations in Iraq after 2003

Ali Merza, Iraqi Economists Network: Disparities in Governorates’ Incomes and Spending: Regional economic interdependence in Iraq

Fadhel Rida, The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Area: From Abundance to Scarcity: Economic Analysis of Water Demand and Supply in Iraq

For further details download the conference programme


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