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Iraq oil pipeline comes with major environmental costs. By Adnan Abu Zeed*

Adnan Abu Zeed


BAGHDAD — On July 21, farmers complained about a gas pipeline dredging their farmlands. The pipeline carries gas from Iran to Baghdad through Bismayah, which is located in southeast Baghdad. Meanwhile, reports on May 22 revealed that the pipeline caused damage to an archaeological site under which it passes.


On March 17, 2016, Iran announced the completion of a 100-kilometer (62-mile) Iranian gas pipeline. It starts at the South Pars gas field and continues to Baghdad to provide fuel for the electricity stations. As part of the project, the Oil and Energy Committee of the Iraq Council of Ministers decided to extend the pipeline through Bismayah to provide gas for electricity stations there.

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Iraq oil pipeline comes with major environmental costs- By Adnan Abu Zeed

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