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Russia Offers Helping Hand to Iraq in Restoration of Energy Supply to Mosul


Russia is ready to help the Iraqi authorities restore energy supply to the Iraqi city of Mosul, which has recently been liberated from Daesh terrorist group, Russian Ambassador to Iraq Maksim Maksimov told Sputnik in an interview.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Russian diplomat added that Iraq’s energy sector had been damaged by Daesh terrorists in the city, and that considerable efforts were required to restore its capabilities.

“The city of Mosul has been seriously ruined during the operation that lasted for more than nine months. Both the resident areas and the infrastructure have suffered. It is necessary to restore both energy supply and water delivery system [in the city], to renew the activities of schools, hospitals, higher education institutions and above all to ensure safety… Russia, with its long economic ties with Iraq, could use its capabilities and experience to support Iraq in restoration of several spheres of the economy, for example of the energy sector,” Maksimov said.

“Iraq, which is still engaged in the war against terrorists, will face difficulties in promptly addressing the challenges in the sphere of restoration of the settlements liberated from Daesh… That’s why I think that the Iraqi government will need a significant international assistance in order to ensure the fastest return of people to their homes,” the diplomat said.

According to Maksimov, Baghdad will need up to $100 billion to finance the restoration of liberated territories.

On July 10, Iraqi authorities announced that Mosul had been liberated from Daesh. During the occupation and the military operation to drive the terrorists from the city, Mosul’s infrastructure was significantly damaged.

The ambassador added that Russia and Iraq are going to hold a meeting of a joint subgroup to discuss energy issues. The ambassador said that new areas of cooperation had been recently opened.


“First of all, it is connected to the Iraqi government plans for the development of the gas sector. The Russian side is interested in joining a number of projects in this sphere. Another promising avenue for cooperation is the energy sector,” Maksimov said.

The ambassador added that Russian companies had some experience in building power plants in Iraq. Maksimov also pointed out that Russia’s Gazprom Neft and LUKoil companies were working in Iraq and the Russian investment in the country amounted to $10 billion. Maksimov added that, to his knowledge, the companies were intent on increasing the cooperation with Iraq.


Source: © Sputnik/ Sara Nureddin. 14.08.2017(


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