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Iraq awards Shanghai Electric to build a sea water desalination plant

Baghdad ( – In a move to combat severe water scarcity in Basra, Iraq, Shanghai Electric, a Chinese state-owned company, has secured a contract to develop a sea water desalination plant. The agreement, reached with the Baghdad government, aims to construct a comprehensive desalination and hydroelectric plant complex in Southern Basra City.

Deputy Governor Mohammed Al-Tamimi engaged in discussions with Shanghai Electric representatives in Baghdad, emphasizing the need to address the region’s critical water shortage. The project, focusing on advanced desalination technologies and hydroelectric power generation, promises not only to provide potable water but also to contribute to environmental sustainability.

This collaborative effort signifies a notable stride in international partnerships to tackle pressing global challenges. If successful, the project could serve as a model for similar initiatives worldwide, offering practical solutions for sustainable water management in the face of escalating water crises.

Source:IraqiNews, December 22, 2023


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