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Prime Minister’s advisor: Price stability resulted from government support for farmers

The prime minister’s financial advisor, Midhar Mohammed Saleh, stated on Wednesday that a number of factors contributed to the increase in meat prices, emphasizing that this increase is only temporary and seasonal. He also noted that the stability of prices in the local market was caused by government assistance to farmers.

He clarified that “because of the government’s policy of supporting grain farmers, international economic organizations considered Iraq among the stable countries in the food prices.”

The Ministerial Council of Economy recently decided to lower the customs tariff on the import of meat and livestock by fifty percent, he continued.

“There are temporary seasonal factors that caused the rise in the prices of some food commodities, especially animal ones,” he stated. “These factors include the approaching blessed month of Ramadan, the lack of productivity in the local winter agricultural season, and the high rates of more than 80 percent dependence on imported products.”

Source: INA,

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