Iraq’s Petroleum Law: Problematic Issues & its Fate, By Tariq Shafiq*

Download   1.0 Background In May 2006, following the initiation of Dr Maliki’s cabinet of national unity and the appointment of Dr Hussain Shehristani to the portfolio of the Ministry of Oil (MoO), I was approached with the task of drafting the Iraq petroleum law. Two associates Iraqi oil technocrats and I, who have then had a combined international oil industry expe

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Speaker and Panalists

Iraqi Economists Network

Speakers Adil Abdul Mahdi Senior Economist, former Minister of Finance, former Vice President of IraqTopic: State and Economy in Iraq Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq Deputy Minister for Planning and DG for COSITTopic: Iraq’s development in light of the Millennium Development Goal Dr. Hassan Al-Janabi Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Iraq to the UN Food and Agriculture

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