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Germany warns Iraqi Kurds against independence vote


Germany Foreign MinisterGerman foreign minister has warned Iraqi Kurds against their intention to hold a unilateral independence referendum in September.

“Calling into question Iraq’s unity, even demanding new border lines is not the right way, and it can further deteriorate the difficult and unstable situation in [northern Iraqi city of] Erbil, just like Baghdad,” Sigmar Gabriel said in a press release on Thursday.

Gabriel called on the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) to refrain from such unilateral steps, and urged all parties to seek dialogue in order to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

“The fight against IS [Daesh] has not been won yet. Only together will it be possible to take the next and maybe the most important steps, and to meet the challenges we face,” he said.

Masoud Barzani, KRG president in northern Iraq, announced on Wednesday that the region will hold an independence referendum on Sept. 25.

Source: Anadolu Agency, 8/6/2017


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