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The 1 Trillion Iraqi Dinars Initiative of the Iraqi Central Bank

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  1. […] the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has launched financial inclusion initiatives such as the ‘One Trillion Dinar Initiative’, available to all Iraqis who wish to finance their business projects through participating banks. […]

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    Dear Sirs,
    We hope this email finds you well and take this opportunity to inform you that Al-Mufeed Co. for Translation Services & Printing ltd is interested in borrowing money from you. We are prepared to provide all necessary legal documentation and deal with the insurance company. And our company policy is to be adaptable, accurate, and trustworthy in our dealings with customers.
    We served customers for fifteen years before establishing our company, performing all types of translations with individuals, as well as governmental and private companies. We started our business in 2010 and were incorporated on June 6, 2022.
    To expand our business and move forward, we would like to open two new branches in Iraq and one abroad.
    What do we prefer from the lender?
    Loan amount: 500.000 USD
    Loan duration: 10 years, with one year grace at least.

    Insurance company interest:
    – we would like it to be less than (8%)
    – The insurance company can issue a bond guarantee to protect the loan measures and secure the loan amount between us.

    Note: we don’t pay loan fees in advanced payment.
    Mufeed Waheed Shnawa
    Authorized manager
    Al-Mufeed Co. for Translation Services & Printing ltd

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      Dear Mr. Mufid Shnawa, please note that the Iraqi Economsits Network is not a Bank and we can not meet your request. Please contact the Central Bank of Iraq or any commercial bank in Baghdad.

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