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Iraqi government launches online portal to help job seekers find employment in public and private sectors

The Iraqi government in partnership with Iraq’s Federal Public Service Council announced the launch of “tawtheef” portal to support graduates and qualified job-seekers to find employment in the public and private sectors.

The portal is part of a wider Iraqi government programme aimed at addressing unemployment in Iraq and creating job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi in an welcome message posted on the new portal affirmed that providing job opportunities and improving the Iraqi economic environment is a shared national mission that requires all Iraqis to work together to build an effective and resilient economy able to withstand crises, especially the current Coronavirus crisis.

 Easy to use interface 

The “tawtheef” portal is aimed at graduate job seekers and those with professional skills and abilities.

The online portal has an a simple interface designed to enable users to register and use the portal with ease.

The portal aims to make available to recruiters the details, capabilities and skills of young qualified Iraqi job-seekers, and will act as a link between employers and potential candidates to fill vacancies in the private and public sectors.

How to use “tawtheef” portal 

  • Go to
  • Click on the “register now” button.
  • Fill out the online form
  • Click on “send information now” button

The portal has very basic terms of use which are:

  • The applicant must fill all required fields in the online application form
  • The information provided is correct and is supported by evidence and documents
  • Applicants can only register through the portal once

After filling in and sending the form, job-seekers will receive an email asking them to activate their registration, and once they have completed this process, each job-seeker will be allocated a unique identification number.

The details of job seekers will be saved on secure servers, and will be made available only to authorised recruiters in the public and private sectors.

When the skills-set of a job seeker matches the skills required for a vacant job in the private sector, the job seeker will be contacted directly by the private business or company that is hiring.

When the skills-set of a  job seeker matches the skills required for a vacant job in the public sector, the job seeker will be notified by email about the vacant post and invited to apply directly for the job, in line with the employment laws in the public sector in Iraq.

Registering on “tawtheef” portal does not necessarily guarantee employment    

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