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Hawraa F. Al-Taee. Child Labor in Iraq (MA Thesis)

IEN is publishing Child Labor in Iraq thesis to bring attention to the fact that child labor has risen in Iraq due to poverty and wars. It is critical for academia, researchers, and governmental institutions to devote serious effort and focus to develop long term solution to such issue which would affect individual child future and the society as a whole.


One in six children in the developing world is engaged in Child labor. Child labor is considered an issue that violates children’s rights in many countries and Iraq is no exception. In 2004, Iraq had 1,300,000 children between the ages of eight and sixteen years engaged in work (, 2004). This

study identifies the major causes of child labor in Iraq and investigates the consequences of this issue.

In this thesis I draw on the comparison of former regimes in Iraq and Egypt and how those regimes were mistreating their citizens by making them live under poverty and oppression while they were receiving support from the U.S. Poverty is the major cause behind Iraqi children engaging in work. I used the data I collected in Iraq, in the city of Nasiriyah, of 28 working children to explain the relationship between overty, students drop out of school, family attitude towards education and the child engagement in work. At the end of the thesis I offer a list of recommendations to try to address the problem of child labor in Iraq. The recommendations and regulations are for Iraqi government and the NGOs to take into consideration in trying to resolve and regulate the issue of child labor to rescue the children in Iraq from more exploitation in the future.

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