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Calling for rapid progress on the formation of a stable government in Iraq: UK Statement at the UN Security Council

Statement by Fergus Eckersley, UK Political Coordinator at the UN, at the UN Security Council meeting on the situation concerning Iraq

Thank you, Mr President, and I’d like to thank the Special Representative and Ms Edwar for their briefings.

The United Kingdom commends the continued work of the Special Representative and the whole Mission in Iraq— you have our full support.

The UK urges Iraq’s political leaders to work together swiftly and peacefully to form a government which delivers in earnest for the Iraqi people. A government that can address and tackle the considerable challenges that Iraq faces, including on security, climate change and economic reform.

On security, the UK reiterates, in particular, its condemnation of the Iranian ballistic missile attack on Erbil on 13 March. Our support for the security and stability of the state of Iraq remains steadfast.

On climate change, we welcome the efforts of the Government of Iraq to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, as we’ve heard about today, including the recent creation of a committee to oversee the preparation of national strategies. We thank UN agencies for their continued support on climate change and urge regional neighbours to engage with the Government of Iraq on water security.

On economic reform, Iraq’s economy faces significant structural risks. Urgent reform is necessary so that Iraq is able to provide livelihoods and essential services for the next generation of Iraqis. A new government would be able to accelerate and implement Iraq’s ambitious economic reform agenda and prioritise improving Iraq’s business environment.

We also remain concerned at the continued displacement of approximately 1.2 million Iraqis. We urge a new government to work closely with the Humanitarian Coordinator to prioritise the reintegration of Iraq’s remaining IDP’s — including ensuring civil documentation for all displaced persons so they can access their rights and services.

We welcome the first meeting between the Federal Ministry for Oil and the Kurdistan Regional Government, following the federal Supreme Court’s oil and gas ruling. We encourage continued dialogue on this to find a sustainable solution.

We would also like to thank the Special Representative for her update on missing Kuwaiti and third country nationals and missing Kuwaiti property. This is an important issue and we commend the Special Representative for maintaining her focus on it.

Mr President, all of the challenges we’ve heard about today require the formation of a stable government in Iraq, and so I’d like to finish by reiterating the importance of rapid progress on this.

I thank you.

Published 17 May 2022

Source: Government UK



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