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Iraq’s Oil Historical Perspective: Why? When? How? By Tariq Shafiq *

Table of Contents

1. Why? Iraq’s Oil, the Jewel in a global context: Iraq’s vital techno-economics statistics:

  • Iraq’s Oil and Gas Reserve

  • Iraq’s Oil and Gas in a Global Context

  • A, B and C Iraq Oil Forecast & IEA 2012 Study Graphs

 2. When? The Concession Era: the loot of the First World War and 2003 Occupation

  • The Concession & Nationalised Eras

  • The New Era Post 2003: The CPA, Provisional Government & TAL

  • The Geopolitics: The Constitution, Petroleum Law and the Government

 3. How? Events speak for themselves: 3/5 of Iraq’s reserves committed

  • Power struggle: Erbil vs. Baghdad

  • Erbil PSA: the highlights

  • The Tsunami Race: Round 1, 2,3 & 4: the highlights

 4. Conclusion

  • Government transparency, true democracy and human rights, which are essential to promote dialogue with and between decision makers and the nation’s technocrats, call for government stability free from ethno-sectarian practices, “Muhasasa”, and corruption.

  • Oil and gas are Iraq’s most valuable assets. Its is for us, Iraqis, to decide our own plans and policies, to protect our best interests in a turbulent new world order where protective boundaries are removed and life is for the strongest and the fittest.

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