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Canada to grant $200 million as loan and humanitarian aid to Iraq


( Baghdad – The Canadian government has pledged to provide 200 million US dollars to Iraq through World Bank during its co-hosting of a major meeting in Washington on Wednesday to discuss the Middle East country’s current and long-term needs.

The Canadian Minister of International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau, in a statement said, “Canada has pledged to provide $158 million over three years to support humanitarian and stabilization efforts for the people of Iraq and up to $200 million as additional financing to the Government of Iraq,” adding, “The $200 million is a new commitment, agreed at the G7 Leaders’ Summit that will support Iraq’s economic reform efforts through the World Bank.”

Canada will co-host the Pledging Conference in Support of Iraq with Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States in Washington, DC, on July 20, 2016. The objective of the conference is to raise much-needed humanitarian and stabilization assistance.

During the conference, Minister of Foreign Affairs Stéphane Dion will announce that of Canada’s pledge of $158 million, $150 million will support the international humanitarian response to help meet the basic needs of conflict-affected Iraqis, $4 million will be provided to the United Nations Development Programme to help Iraqis return to their homes in areas liberated from ISIS, and $4 million will support the clearance of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Ramadi and other liberated areas.

Canada is also working with international partners to support Iraq’s economic reform efforts and will provide up to $200 million in additional financing support to the Government of Iraq, including through a guarantee contribution to the World Bank to help increase its lending to Iraq.

Source: Iraq News, Juli 20, 2016

Canada to grant $200 million as loan and humanitarian aid to Iraq


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