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Roadmap 2 Start-Up Iraq Guide

  1. Introduction

Companies have been playing a crucial role in developing the socio-economic system in Iraq, as they don’t only make life easier for so many people by offering all kinds of goods & services in-demand, but also serve as a catalyst to bring the economic satus in Iraq to a higher level by investing in HR & capital.

Nowadays, we can see a countless number of individuals founding their own start-ups of all types & purposes, many of which succeed, yet some don’t. By tackling the reasons why a considerable number of start-ups had to shut down, or maybe never even had the chance to freely operate, we found that many of them weren’t legally registered, meaning their names weren’t listed in the registrar of companies, thus couldn’t practice any activity without possibilities of legal prosecution & subsequent failure.

Additionally, what makes big companies even bigger, like mergers & partnerships, is impossible to happen if the registration process is ignored because all documents & contracts related to the company can’t be validated until after finalizing the registration procedure.

So, we as KAPITA’s research team, aimed to set things clear for those willing to legally register their projects by comprehensively stating every essential detail about this matter to come up with a simplified guide,that’s freely accessible, easy to understand and has all in-depth knowledge


This guide is funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands and Orange Corners Iraq, it has been written & proofread by professional researchers and experienced lawyers and it shall provide you with the information necessary to register your project in an obstacle-free & timely manner.

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