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Iraq’s Investment Deficit and Underfunded Infrastructure. By Mohammed Hussein

In his recent article “Iraq’s Government Investments: Between Ambitions and Stumbling,” Dr. Mudhr Mohammed Salih, former Deputy Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and financial adviser of the Iraqi Government, fairly described the political and administrative dynamics that prevent investment in infrastructure; basically showing how endemic corruption, institutional limitations, and red-tape groups take away resources from infrastructure investment. As a result, the article suggests that Iraqi government’s direct dealing with international partners as the most likely feasible option to keep some investment in the underfunded infrastructure, assuming that direct dealing with international partners would help bypass impediments. Certainly, this can be one of the options, but it can’t be neither a sustainable and nor an easy one.

This article is an attempt to touch on some other approaches that could help address the investment deficit before the one suggested by the Dr. Mudhr’s article.

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Iraq s Investment Deficit and Underfunded Infrastructure. By Mohammed Hussein-final

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  1. […] To sum up, this article is not to overlook the role of international partners that certainly can play a vital role in funding infrastructure investment. However, they cannot help that much if Iraqis do not take the lead in reforming the economy and addressing the investment impediments. Only addressing the root causes of the investment deficit can put Iraq on the path of sustainable development.This is article is published first on Iraqi Economists Network.  […]

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