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Iraq’s Ministry of Planning: Iraq Visio 2030

Introduction by the Chairman of the Authors and Technical Committee

Iraq seeks to preserve its cultural significance and keep up the world’s progress through hard work to build a better future. The Sustainable Development Goals 2030 is the starting point of the Iraq vision implementation.

All of that requires real efforts to achieve Iraq’s dream in restoring its great history. The vision was developed by experts to do just that.

The previous initial stages included discussions to agree on the key ideas and principles of the Iraqi identity. Finally, I am grateful for all those who took part in developing this vision including national staff and international organizations particularly the UNDP.

Thanks are also due to Dr. Sundus Abbas, World Bank/Iraq Office Team, the ministry’s staff, and national experts. I would also like to thank Dr. Hasan Latif Kazem (University of Kufa), Dr. Adnan Yasin (University of Baghdad) Dr. Wafaa Ja’far Al-Mahdawi (Al-Nahrain University) who wrote the vision’s final draft and all those who provided data and administrative and technical support.

Dr. Maher Hammad Johan

Deputy Ministry of Planning

Click on following link to download the report as PDF file


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