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Iraq’s ambitious new Residential City Project in Al-Anbar Governorate

Anbar ( – In a bid to foster economic development and address housing needs, Iraq is gearing up to invite developers and investors to partake in the creation of a groundbreaking New Residential City in the western region of Al-Anbar Governorate. The expansive project aims to deliver a total of 91,000 residential units, encompassing a diverse range of accommodations to meet the varied needs of the Iraqi population.

Iraq, cognizant of past project delays, has implemented stringent terms for the selection of stakeholders to ensure the efficient and timely execution of the endeavor. With a hefty investment of $1 billion earmarked for the venture, the nation is resolute in avoiding setbacks that have plagued previous initiatives.

The comprehensive city plan includes provisions for housing specially designed for individuals with unique needs, embracing inclusivity in its urban design. The development will feature a mix of vertical and horizontal apartments, along with essential amenities such as hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and an intricate network of roadways to enhance accessibility.

Source: Iraqi News, 18. January, 2024

Iraq’s ambitious new Residential City Project in Al-Anbar Governorate


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