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Iraq, South Korea discuss innovative farming techniques

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Jabr Al-Maliki, discussed this week sophisticated storage systems and smart rice and tomato farming techniques with a delegation from the South Korean company KRE.

The Agriculture Ministry mentioned in a statement that Al-Maliki chaired a meeting with a delegation from KRE and officials from the Iraqi agriculture sector, the Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported.

The statement indicated that the delegation from South Korea discussed the technologies used in smart agriculture in South Korea and many other countries.

The South Korean delegation elaborated that these technologies rely on an automated system to regulate water and temperature, particularly when producing fruit and vegetable crops.

The automated system has a unique method for fertilization, water storage, and usage.

The meeting also addressed the seeds utilized, the expenses, the effects this method has on the environment, and the scientific approach employed in production.

The delegation talked about the need to create rice varieties that can withstand drought and water scarcity, as well as the potential for international collaboration in this area.

Al-Maliki stated that, after examining the economic viability, the Iraqi ministry would be willing to work with the South Korean company on growing fruit and vegetable crops, as well as rice and storage systems.

Source: Iraqi News, 28. March, 2024

Iraq, South Korea discuss innovative farming techniques



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