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Book: Central Bank Independence, Regulations, and Monetary Policy. – From Germany and Greece to China and the United States

Autor: Ranajoy Ray Chaudhuri


This book would not have been possible without the support of many. I owe a significant debt to Paul Evans for fostering my interest in banking, central banks and monetary policy. Conversations with Jason Seligman at The Ohio State University and Joseph Kaboski at the University of Notre Dame were instrumental in shaping the book, and so were the comments provided by the two anonymous referees. My editorial team at Palgrave Macmillan, led by Allison Neuburger, was very helpful and patient throughout the process. I am especially grateful to Jim Cason for introducing me to experts in the field of central banking, and to Goolam Aboobaker, Kuben Naidoo, Brian Kahn and Rashad Cassim for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with me to share their wisdom. The staff at the National Library of South Africa in Cape Town, the South African Reserve Bank Library in Pretoria, Biblioteca Nacional in Rio de Janeiro and the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, offered invaluable assistance in identifying source materials. Yanyan Zhang and Steven Casella provided wonderful research assistance, and Steve Coutinho much appreciated translation help. I am thankful to my wonderful Muhlenberg colleagues in the Accounting, Business, Economics and Finance (ABEF) department, especially Donna Kish-Goodling, Holmes Miller and Art Raymond, as well as Michael Allocca, Christopher Borick, Byungchul Cha, Janine Chi, Michele Deegan, Tineke D’Haeseleer, Maura Finkelstein, Jack Gambino, Kathy Harring, Mohsin Hashim, Christopher Herrick, Jonathan Lassiter, Lanethea Mathews-Schultz, Casey Miller, Cathy Ouellette, Purvi Parikh, John Ramsay, Danielle Sanchez, Kammie Takahashi and Lynda Yankaskas,  for keeping me motivated with their remarkable accomplishments and

their smiles. Most importantly, Stephen and the rest of my family’s firm

encouragement helped in getting this project completed. All errors and

omissions are entirely mine.


Muhlenberg College                                        Ranajoy Ray Chaudhuri


April 12, 2018

Download the book as PDF file

Ranajoy Ray Chaudhuri – Central Bank Independence, Regulations, and Monetary Policy_ From Germany and Greece to China and the United States-Palgrave Macmillan (2018)

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