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Iraq’s oil revenues in June exceed $7.17 billion

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced on Wednesday that oil export revenues during June exceeded $7.17 billion.

According to final statistics issued by the State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO), the total exports of crude oil during June were 100,059,052 barrels, with revenues reaching $7,179,760.

SOMO data revealed that the total quantities of crude oil exported during June from oil fields in central and southern Iraq were 98,725,620 barrels, while the quantities loaded from warehouses to Jordan were 299,445 barrels.

The average price per barrel was more than $71.75.

Iraqi oil exports during June were loaded by 33 international companies from ports on the Arabian Gulf and through the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

In May, Iraq’s oil export revenues exceeded $7.32 billion, while April’s revenues were more than $7.69 billion, according to official statements.

The total exports of crude oil during March exceeded 100.9 million barrels, with revenues slightly exceeding $7.5 billion.

Crude oil exports during February were a little more than 92.25 million barrels with revenues exceeding $7.62 billion, while in January, Iraq exported more than 101.24 million barrels with $7.66 billion in revenues.

Source: Iraq News, 26. July, 2023

Iraq’s oil revenues in June exceed $7.17 billion

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