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Iraq Health Sector and People’s Lives’ Challenges. By Mazin Baldawi

This article will shed light partially on one of the most vital and critical life sectors in Iraq, trying to elaborate on its present status, what progress yet achieved, in addition to what are the futuristic requirements of the Iraqi health sector.




Iraq considered one of the well – known countries for its quality of medical education around the world. Over the 1940s – 1980s, its cornerstones were the educational institutions teaching staff, syllabuses and the teaching hospital attached to medical educational institutions that complied with the international standards.


The qualified graduates of these medical institutions supported by governmental procedures to practice medicine to improve their skills and experiences, allowing them to be assigned for higher ranks and responsibilities around the world, especially in UK and Ireland (1).


This is behind the excellent reputation of Iraq’s health sector, particularly staff, and facilities until almost the end of the 1980’s among neighboring countries.


In addition, the medical facilities and its linked equipment, ambulances and other staff were extra stars on that reputation’s high grade.



I would like to discuss two main issues in this article as follow:

  1. The dramatic deterioration of the medical sector
  2. The futuristic requirements planning

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Iraq Health Sector and People’s Lives’ Challenges. By Mazin Baldawi-final editing

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