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A Brief Biography of the Founder of Wahabismn. By Yasin T. al-Jibouri

Mohammad Abdul Wahab image

Wahhabism is named after its founder, Muhammed ibn (son of) Abdul-Wahhab. Since the Wahhabis have proven to be the most fanatical of all so-called Islamic extremists (Islam never advocates extremism), it is not out of place here to introduce the reader to the founder of Wahhabism while narrating the mischief he and his ignorant Bedouin zealots committed against the shrine of Imām Hussain  in Kerbalā’ and that of his father, Imām Ali , cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet of Islam , in Najaf, Iraq.

Muhammed ibn Abdul-Wahhab was born in 1115 A.H./1703 A.D. in the small town of Uyayna in Najd, the southern highland of Arabia’s interior, and died in 1206 A.H./1791-92 A.D. He belonged to the tribe of Tamim. His father was a lawyer and a pious Muslim adhering to the Hanbalite sect founded by Imām Ahmed ibn Hanbal who, with the most rigid consistency, had advocated the principle of the exclusive validity of the hadīth as against the inclination among the older sects to make concessions to reason and commonsense, especially since Islam is the religion of commonsense.

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A Brief Biography of the Founder of Wahhabism


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